Lilith earrings 
Sodalite, Blue Kyanite & Tanzanite


Lilith earrings combine raw blue kyanite sticks of 30/40mm with tiny sodalite chips and brass faceted connectors. Hoops are made out of gold plated brass and have a diameter of 25mm. 

· SODALITE: Sodalite teaches the nature of oneself in connection to the universe. It inspires insight, awakening, examination, and connection. It enhances one’s powers of analysis, intuition, observation and creativity, and strengthens self-discipline and organisation. Sodalite increases consciousness, idealism, and strives for the truth, and eliminates guilt and fear. It helps one own and verbalise one’s true feelings and to stand up for oneself.

· BLUE KYANITE: Blue kyanite is a crystal that does not hold negative energy. First used as a traveler’s tool, blue kyanite induces tranquility and calm, in addition to enhancing psychic awareness.

  • 5€ Inside Spain
  • 12€ Inside the European Union
  • 20€ Rest of the world
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