The Roman goddess personifying the moon, Luna had the unique quality of governing the night and the invisible world of the dead. Considered the Roman equivalent of pre Indo-
European goddess, Hekate, Luna inherited from her the ability of moving freely between the telluric and divine domains.  
She was considered bearer of the subtle qualities of the full moon: fullness, radiance, maturity and birth.

Luna embodies for us the woman who masters the fluid realms of psychism, as well as the richness of emotional processes. Intuitive and calm, she finds herself at ease with the
ups and downs of emotional life and the processing of memories from the past.

- gemstones story and properties - 

Many cultures have associated this gem with moonlight, and it’s easy to see why. Its internal structure scatters the light that strikes it, creating a visual effect reminiscent of the full moon shine. It brings calm, peace, and balance. It conveys a sensual glow of deep vitality and creative energy. It is not a passive state, but rather a healing energy of renewal that helps let go of negativity.

Quartz is a master cleaner, said to dispel negativity.

It helps work on regeneration, and it assists in facilitating detoxification processes. It also helps to ground any excessive emotions, which allows the user to achieve a state of balance.




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