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Rita mini-bag is an upcycled bag, born from our desire to make something out of the leftovers of our production cycle. Cutting and braiding leather strings on a daily basis, we came up with large bins of short cuttings, which are seldomly needed for the rest of our bags. This is how we started researching new product ideas that could bring these scraps of leather to new life. Rita mini-bag is built on a chain mesh structure, which uses short cuttings of leather, linked to natural shell rings.

The result is this light mini-bag, which is versatile enough to change shape depending on what content is carried inside it. It has a long leather handle and it comes with a cotton drawstring bag, which is extremely practical to use inside the bag.

Each piece entails one entire day of work and is produced in our Barcelona studio.

Very important!
Please remember that we only keep low stocks ready for purchase on the site, but we can always produce your bag on request.
In case your selected color happens to be out of stock, just jump to the form or send us a few lines at info@azarstudio.net and we will have one made just for you.
Measurements: 12cm W x 17cm H and 104cm long handles.
100% vegetable tanned leather, entirely hand-woven.

Each piece is unique and artisanal-produced, so colours could have slight variations from the pictures.

· If your preferred color is out of stock, you can order it here


  • keep away from water
  • dry-scrub gently with a soft brush or cloth to clean it
  • condition your piece from time to time with neutral mosturizing body cream or leather balm, applied with your hands or a cloth

  • 5€ Inside Spain
  • 12€ Inside the European Union
  • 20€ Rest of the world
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