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Sara Bevilacqua, Italian born and Argentinian grown up. Fashion designer and Researcher graduated cum Laude from the University of Florence, Italy. After spending more than 10 years in the fashion industry, decides to walk a new path, where creative passion and ethics don’t exclude one each other, but grow together instead.
She is the founder of Azar Studio, she braids your pieces and replies your e-mails.
She defines herself an endless migrant. Daughter, granddaughter and great granddoughter of migrants, many times migrant herself, she believes in the trascendental power of beauty and ideas spreading through the world, contaminating each other and creating new realities.

Jonatan Herrera, born in Barcelona from Andalusian orygins, grew up as a restless child in a family of skilled hand-workers. Nowadays he persues his personal research on the importance of material culture, individuals’ stories inheritance and their impact in our modern society through music and images.
He is co-founder of Azar Studio, where he is also braider, photographer and video-maker.
He believes that after the digital era, handcrafts and creativity will still be our salvation.

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