Helen Frankenthaler

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Helen Frankenthaler in her studio. 

Nature Abhors A Vacuum, Helen Frankenthaler - 1973

“A line, color, shapes, spaces, all do one thing for and within themselves, and yet do something else, in relation to everything that is going on within the four sides [of the canvas]. A line is a line, but [also] is a color… It does this here, but that there. The canvas surface is flat and yet the space extends for miles. What a lie, what trickery—how beautiful is the very idea of painting.” 

- Helen Frankenthaler

Flood, Helen Frankenthaler, 1967

Jupiter, Helen Frankenthaler, 1976

“That earlier generation of women artists was not given the option of being feminists—and, even later in life, many were not interested in embracing that identity when it was on offer. Nonetheless, they faced the same issues as later generations, and enacted some of the same adaptations and solutions: playing both at femininity and masculinity as artificial roles, speaking to each other in private in a different manner than in public speech, and letting their work be filled with their own, unnamed sensibility. Female artists today are more likely to be able to say things out loud, but perhaps still run similar risks in the media and popular conceptions—being pinned down by categorical thinking about gender and identity.”

Katy Siegel, The Gagosian

Helen Frankenthaler in her studio.


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